Fractured Affections

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A heartbreakingly, beautiful second chance romance.

I had a future. One promised to me by a man who isn't my husband. It was the future I dreamed of from the moment Striker told me he loved me. 
Then he left.
No explanation.
Not even a goodbye.

That was ten years ago.

The shattered pieces of me were put back together by my best friend. The love, support, and strength he gave me made me the person I am today. I finally have the happiness I thought I never wanted or deserved. Married with three boys, our life together seems complete.

Now the future I once lost is standing on my doorstep, threatening to upset the life I have built in his absence.

Lies will unfold, truths will be revealed, and a kept secret will destroy everything.

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"An amazing start to an amazing Series" ~ Stephenee

"Way to make me cry like a baby" ~ Jessie 

"A soul shattering 5-star read!" ~ Sara