Mended Affections

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How do I move forward after receiving such life-altering news? I know it won’t be easy, especially when the person who provided my strength is unable to claim that role. I have to claim it now and stand on my own two feet. The need to give my children the life they deserve bears down on me, along with the need to stay true to my commitments of the past. 

The darkness of my depression is threatening to swallow me whole. I have to pull myself through, but my heart is breaking, and it feels impossible to be the support system my children need me to be. Most days, I find it hard to let go of what things were, but then there’s this spark, this flicker of hope. A little light shining 
bright in the dark, and I feel like life is worth living again. 

Maybe life has a way of leading you to where you were always meant to be. 

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